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MST-6XGL Bi-directional Electric Lock Control - Galvanized Finish -TRUCK FREIGHT EXTRA COST -

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The MST has many features that are unavailable or are expensive options on competitor models. This includes our HydraLine™ speed control that self-adjusts the turnstile rotation to the pushing force of the user. Push softly and the turnstile rotates easily. Push hard and the rotation becomes harder, slowing the rotation speed. HydraLine™ smoothly returns the rotating section to the home position and greatly reduces noisy metal banging which causes excessive turnstile wear and tear.

The MST turnstile is known for its superior strength and reliability. Our rotating section and barriers are single welded assemblies, not individual parts or assemblies that must be bolted together. The turnstile has a splined connection between the Top Channel and the rotating section, which provides a tight mechanically sound connection that minimizes "play". Our full height turnstiles also utilize high quality bearings, stainless steel internal components and industrial grade electronics to provide years of trouble free service.

Electrically controlled turnstile models integrate with any access control system.

Available finishes are stainless steel, galvanized, powder coated and powder coated over galvanized.