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 Access Pro L or Access Pro H Motor


    The new MHP2 motor has also been developed as a direct replacement for the current motors so nothing will change for you regarding the fit, functionality, performance, life expectancy, and quality of the barrier. That means that we can make changeover between the current MHP motors to the new MHP2 motors when we exhaust supply of the old version.

  • The MHTMTM MicroDrive received the new MHP2 motor in Europe August 2020 and we are now ready for the North and South American market launch!

  • There is no change to the motor’s mounting flange or overall length.

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  • We will update and test each barrier before it ships providing you with a barrier that is ready to be installed and 100% compatible with any previously installed barriers.

  • An MHP2 motor can be used to replace an MHP motor in the field. It must be noted that when a new motor is exchanged for an old motor in an existing barrier the use of an SM01 is required.

    o Thenewmotorwillnotcommunicatetothecontrolleruntilthefirmwarehasbeen updated as we have made some changes and improvements.

    o BothnewandoldfirmwarearedeliveredoneverySM01shippedfromourfacility.