Magnetic Autocontrol PARKING PRO-RCB1240

$ 3,876.41

When someone enters your location you'd want to make the best first impression wouldn't you? Well the Magnetic Autocontrol barrier gate operators does just that do to a unique housing and gate arm design. 

Best overall return on your investment based on and will stand up to years of service.  And best of all it will look and operate just like the day it was installed!  Magnetic gates were originally designed for the toll plazas around the world. Which means millions of unbelievable fast open and close cycles. 

It may cost a little more than your average parking gate but at least you won't be kicking yourself after purchasing an in inferior gate that sags after the first few months bounces when lifting or closing. You and your fellow residents and clients will soon appreciate the look, value and overall operation of the Magnetic parking pro gate and not the cost.  Whereas if you bought the low cost gate you initially would think you made the right decision until it starts sagging or giving you problems. Then you'll be asking yourself what was i thinking about? 

Gate Shown in RAL 2000 Orange but offered in RAL9010 White & RALGrey

Reliable detection of tailgating vehicles to help secure your location. Very low operating costs in fact compared to other barrier gates which use much more electricity. it will probably pay for itself just imply by the savings on your electrical bill thanks to efficient and durable MHTM™ drive. 
German Design Award 2014 and red dot design award 2012 Designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles

Gate arm stays level even after years of operation cycles. Doesn't sag like some other manufactures products.

Super fast opening and closing speeds 1.3 seconds up or down.

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